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About Our Event

AfroCon is a community building event that includes curated conversations about the issues and themes that impact Black lives and Black Futures; consumerism and economic development of the black dollar; nerd culture and vehicles for k-12 educational achievement. It is an opportunity to support an ethnically diverse range of independent artists and businesses with an emphasis on organizations led by people of color.  Most importantly AfroCon is a safe space for the celebration of nerd culture and black culture.

Our Schedule

Submissions for content are still being accepted until September 15th. 

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9 - 9:30am CST
Welcome: Jade Rogers, Wayne Brown, Katrina Adams, Julia Parker, Rolanda Horton, Tori Jones Hopin
9:30 - 10am CST
Main Stage Opening Event: Morning Meditation w/Sihnuu Hetep Hopin
10 - 11am CST
Main Stage Event - Children of Octavia: Why Octavia Butler’s work means so much in 2020 Hopin

Hosted by Stephani Tyrance

11am - 12pm CST
Main Stage Event - We Have Always Been Here: Myth, Legend, Lore & Fantasy in Black Culture Hopin

 Myth, Legend, Fantasy & Lore has always been a part of Black culture whether through stories or religion. From the mermaids, to the gods, Ananse to Brer’ Rabbit, Black culture has always lived in fantastical places and a love of other worldly genres is nothing new at all. 

12pm - 2pm CST
Workshops + Virtual Gaming Hopin
12:00-12:45 - Session A
  • Panel Discussion - Rebuild/Restore/Renew: Building BIPOC Arts Institutions Post Pandemic
    • Panel: Carla Stillwell, Denise Chapman, Dana Rose, Scott Woods
    • Greeter + Comments: Nik Whitcomb
  • MoveMed (Yoruba Movement)
    • Speaker: Jerome MT
  • Does Charles X Drink Sherry? A Deep Dive into Character Design
    • Speaker: Alex Brigeman
  • Workshop
    • Speaker: Tiana Conyers
  • Boardgame
    • TBD
  • Boardgame
    • TBD
  • MeetUp: Harry Potter w/Stephani Tyrance
2pm - 2:30pm CST
Blerd Meet Hopin

You'll have 180 seconds to meet someone new and answer: 1. What's your one thing? (favorite game, fandom, etc.) 2. What's the future of blerdom?

2:30 - 3:45pm CST
Mainstage Event- Finding Space In The Future Hopin

Hosted by Nik Whitcomb, Noni Williams, Jamilah Hinson, & Zoe Charlton

4 - 4:45pm CST
Session C Hopin
4:00-4:45pm - Session C
  • Code Black: Rebranding the Matrix
    • Host: David Pollock, Code Black CEO; Alex Horton
  • Meet-Up: D&D
    • Host: Michael Clark
  • Meet-Up: Anime
  • Boardgame
    • TBD
  • Boardgame
    • TBD
5pm CST
The After Party Hopin
The After Party
  • 5:00pm - Kiwi
  • 6:00pm - Mesonjixx
  • 7:00pm - Conrad Clifton
  • 8:00pm - Comedy Show
  • 9:00pm - Elliott Ness
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Featured Guests

Justina Ireland
Bestselling author, professor, and activist
Papa Bear
Co-founder of Chicago P.O.C. Cosplayers (People of Color)
Nerd Soul

Event Speakers

Celeste Butler
Artist + Quilter-Preneur
Jerome MT
Movement Artist, Teacher, Mindfulness Mentor
Michael Barnes
Graphic Designer/Artist Speaker
Carla Stillwell
Founder and Executive Director of the Stillwell Institute for Contemporary Black Art
Nik Whitcomb
Marcus Ross
Board Game Designer

After Party Lineup

Performing Artist
Performing Artist
Conrad Clifton
Performing Artist

General Admission

$ 10
  • For solo admission

General Admission Household

$ 15
  • For those joining as a group

Generous Admission

$ 20
  • General admission plus donation

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