The House of Afros. Capes & Curls Presents AfroCon 2022

October 7th-8th 2022

About Our Event

AfroCon is a community building event that includes curated conversations about the issues and themes that impact Black lives and Black Futures; consumerism and economic development of the black dollar; nerd culture and vehicles for k-12 educational achievement. It is an opportunity to support an ethnically diverse range of independent artists and businesses with an emphasis on organizations led by people of color.  Most importantly AfroCon is a safe space for the celebration of nerd culture and black culture.

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Our Mission​

The House of Afros, Capes & Curls is an organization whose goal is to connect people from diverse backgrounds and build a community based on a shared love of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and Afrofuturism, while providing a safe space to explore the artistic literary and historic merits of geek culture.

Non Discrimination Policy: The House of Afros, Capes & Curls does not discriminate based on race, color, ethicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, marital status, and/or political affiliation in its programs, activities.



Morning Meditation Main Stage Alisha Davis

Morning Meditation presented by Alisha Davis

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Welcome: Finding Joy in Speaking Your Truth Main Stage Lacey Lamar

Welcome:  Finding Joy n Speaking Your Truth with author Lacey Lamar

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Omaha Public Library Storytime: Tales of Magic & Joy Presentation Mary J Mollner - Youth Services Librarian at Omaha Public Library
Bobby Anderson + Son Presentation Bobby Anderson
Meetup: Teen Anime & Fantasy Session The Young History Detectives
Meetup: Star Trek Session Julia Parker
Board Game Design with Eric Slauson Session Eric Slauson
Dasia Taylor Presentation Session Dasia Taylor
Gaming for Girls: STEAM centering Black Girls Session Mukami Kinoti Kimotho

Mukami Kinoti Kimotho, Founder, CEO & Chief Girl Crusader at Royelles Inc, was raised by parents whose lives revolved around STEM (a pharmacist and a doctor) and who reminded her that she could do anything she put her mind to. Still, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would become the CEO of a technology company! Mukami’s degree in management information systems paved the way for her incredible career where gets to do work that makes a difference in the lives of others.

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Meetup: Power Rangers Session Aaron Gregory
Modern Tabletop Game Publishing Explained Presentation Marcus Ross

An explanation and practical instruction of taking an original game design from prototype to commercial product.


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Meetup: Magic & Fantasy Session Stephani Tyrance
Meetup: Star Wars Session TBD
The Magical Rhythm of Joy Workshop Oba William King

Interactive storytelling to encourage unity, collective work, responsibility, courage, & faith.

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AfroCon Film Fest: Lamanche Films Interview & Showing Session Lend Frison

Finding Bigfoot + Civil

Finding Bigfoot -

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Blerd Meet Session TBD

Networking Sessions 15-30 minutes

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Our Family Plays Games Main Stage Mik & Starla Fitch

Presentation by Mik & Starla Fitch from OFPG

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Magic, Mysticism & Religion Main Stage Jamilah Henson, JoAnna Leflore Ejikke, Doriette Jordan
Meetup: New to Table Top Gaming Session TBD
Workshop: Withlove Felicia Session Withlove Felicia
Meetup: Comics + Graphic Novels Session Alex Bridgman
Game: Camp Clearwater Massacre (D&D 5E) Session +Roll20 Dungeon Master Dre

Game Title: Camp Clearwater Massacre (D&D 5E)
Description: There’s someone out there. Lurking in the woods. Hacksaw in hand. Eager to draw the blood of those who dare tread within its lair. Its lair: Camp Clearwater.

Any other summer, Camp Clearwater is a haven for young, aspiring adventurers to hone their skills and relax with others like them. But this year it’s different. Bodies are turning up. Teenagers are running for their lives. There’s blood on the water.

Can the characters save the counselors and campers from the Camp Clearwater Massacre?

The Camp Clearwater Massacre is a Fifth Edition adventure designed for four 3rd-level characters but can be adjusted for three to five characters of 2nd to 4th level. The adventure works particularly well in horror-themed Fifth Edition games, especially those involving shadowy realms where a single evil presence acts as the domain’s dark lord or lady.

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Workshop: Drawing & Design w/Painted Wolf/Michaela Bradley Session Michaela Bradley

This Workshop is designed for the aspiring artist, the writer with original characters, the board game maker who needs characters, Etc. Will cover things like ideation, color considerations, poses, storytelling, Etc. Basic drawing tips and ideas will be fleshed out. If willing, the participant can provide their OC and we can work together on it. By the end of it, either the participants should have a fully fleshed-out sketch of their OC, or the panel will end with a fully fleshed-out character designed by committee.

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The History of Black Joy Main Stage Carla Stillwell
The House Book Club: Children of Blood & Bone Session Stephani Tyrance
Meet Up: Anime Session Edem Garro

Can Goku beat Saitama?

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Finding your Joy in Gaming w/ Zoe Charlton Session Zoe Charlton

Zoe Loves the Sims & modding the game

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Game: Original Game, Powered by the Apocalypse System Session Dungeon Master Nick

Game Description: A game of ragged-edged fantasy adventure, followed by a discussion of GM best practices and opportunities.
Beginner to Intermediate (Who hopefully wants to be a GM!)
Up to 8


The game system will be VERY easy to pick up and play, but our focus will be on meeting players who are just starting out as GMs, or who want to be GMs in the future. Folks who meet that description should consider themselves doubly-invited!

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Interview with the African Board Game Convention Session Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC
Creating Spaces for Black People: Panel Discussion Main Stage Judy, Marcy Yates, Katrina Adams
Evening Meditation Main Stage Reggie Hubbard, Active Peace Yoga
Blerd Meet Networking Sessions 15-30 minutes
Cocoa Butter Happy Hour & Open Mic w/Withlove Felicia Main Stage Withlove Felicia
Performance: DJ Ness Main Stage DJ Ness
Performance: Conrad Clifton Main Stage Conrad Clifton
Trivia + The House Recap + Preview of Day Two Main Stage TBD
Performance: Mesonjixx Main Stage Mesonjixx
Morning Yoga Movement Main Stage Reggie Hubbard, Active Peace Yoga
LXN! The League Returns Main Stage The League

Presentation featuring Jade, Steph, Nik, Marcus, and Mik

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Creative Counselling... Main Stage Creative Counseling Studio

Moderated by Doriette

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Interview w/ Cel Cottrell, founder of Blacktober Session Cel Cottrell
Withove Felicia: Workshop Session Withlove Felicia
Workshop: How to Start and Continue Writing Session Christopher McLucas

By using a writing prompt I will demonstration how to outline, research, write, edit and continue on all creative projects. Proposed event name: The name of the workshop is, "You'll Start Writing After This."

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Meetup: Book Nerd Session
Meetup: Sims & VR Gaming Session
Finding Joy in Math & Science (What does a Black Scientist or Mathematician Look Like?) Main Stage Black Women in Science and Medicine

 Jessica Host / Noni Williams

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Workshop: Alex Bridgman Session
Meetup: Marvel vs DC Session
Meetup: RPG/D&D Session
Game: D&D Mini Campaign Session Desmond Miller
Black Women in Gaming Session Tori Jones, Terra Taylor, Verta Maloney
MeetUp: Help! I want to quit my job! Session Judy Kiagiri
Closing Meditation Main Stage Ashley Salem
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Featured Guests

Justina Ireland
Bestselling author, professor, and activist
Papa Bear
Co-founder of Chicago P.O.C. Cosplayers (People of Color)
Nerd Soul

Event Speakers

Alex Bridgman
Alisha Davis
Ashley Salem
CBT Practitioner & Meditation Guide
Eric Slauson
Board Game Designer
Marcus Ross
Mukami Kinoti Kimotho
Founder, CEO & Chief Girl Crusader at Royelles Inc

After Party Lineup

Conrad Clifton
Performing Artist
Performing Artist

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